Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Secrets of the Ninja 1980 - Steal This Book! (everyone else has)

"Published in 1980, Secrets of the Ninja has been responsible for the financial success of three major "legitimate" publishing companies and their seventeen or so "front" companies -- dummy corporations that insulate them from prosecution for blatant copyright infringement that the FBI refuses to investigate or pursue, despite Federal Statutes charging them with the responsibility.

These companies, Paladin Press, Carol Publishing Group, and Kensington Publishing, have grown quite fat robbing authors other than Ashida Kim and have done so with impunity, believing themselves invincible in court.

Therefore, being Ninja, we shall not fight them in court. Instead, we will simply take away their source of income by giving away Secrets of the Ninja to anyone who wants it FREE OF CHARGE!

Why pay these bastards and make them rich so they can rob others when you can have it for Free?

So, there is a "finger in the eye" of all so called legitimate publishers and law enforcement who have wronged myself and others.

You ain't seen justice yet, but it's coming, and it looks just like ME! Since we cannot stop them from stealing this book, we shall make it worthless to them. They don't have it and we don't have it. That is what Khruschev called "d├ętente." But YOU, my friends, will have it, and that is the important thing.

I remain,
Ashida Kim"

Download via HTTP: http://www.ashidakim.com/sotn.pdf